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    News and Featured Products
    Wrist-Saver™ Seam Roller

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    MM21100 Membrane Slitter -- cuts TPO and PVC

    Combo Seam Roller-Shear Sheath

    4 to 1 ratio action makes it the FASTEST HAND-OPERATED DRIVER on the market! Select-A-Bit Speed Driver

    • By holding the black collar while turning the handle, the nosepiece turns 4 times for every 1 turn of the handle.
    • Reversible ratchet changes direction quickly with one hand, even during use.
    • Use 4:1 ratio to drive screws and nuts in low-torque situations. Use 1:1 ratio for higher torque operations.

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    The Original Forged Tongs!

    • Fairmont tongs are used in membrane and metal roofing, HVACR, and various sheet metal applications --
    • Forged and plated
    • Bending depth marks on jaws
    • Regular or offset models
    • With or without cushion grip handles

    Fairmont tongs in use
    Fairmont Tongs Fairmont tongs are often used when working with double-lock, standing seam roofing.

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    Klenk Snips Now With Built-in Wire Cutter!
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    No more nicked up blades!

    Nothing ruins a fine snip blade than cutting a piece of hard wire. So Klenk added a built-in wire cutter on its 10-1/2" aviation snip. The wire cutter notch is built right into the upper part of the blades and will easily cut most types of hardened wire you encounter during your installations, inspections, and service calls. Available on the left-, right-, and straight-cut 10-1/2" snip models.

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    Featured Products

    NEW! Detail Seam Rollers

    Combo Seam Roller-Shear Sheath

    Select-A-Bit Speed Driver

    The Original Forged Tongs --
    They Really Do Take Beating
    and Keep Right on
    Folding, Forming, and Seaming!
    Fairmont Tongs

    Klenks are the ONLY
    aviation snips with built-in
    wire cutters in the blades!

    Klenk Snips Now With Built-in Wire Cutter!

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